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INSIDE HIGH NOON explores both the landmark 1952 film starring Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Lloyd Bridges and Katy Jurado, and the gripping story behind its troubled production. The documentary reveals how many of the studios passed on the project and major Hollywood actors turned it down before Gary Cooper accepted the lead role. Inside High Noon premiered on Public Television in November of 2022. Written and Directed b John Mulholland. Produced and Edited by Richard Zampella.

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Though High Noon was originally seen as an attack on the blacklisting witch hunt gripping Hollywood at the time, it is now recognized as a damning portrait of civic complacency, democracy in peril. High Noon is today considered a classic of American cinema. Visit PBS Site

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The beloved Western High Noon celebrated its seventieth anniversary this year. In order to commemorate this event, PBS has commissioned an updated version of John Mulholland’s Inside High Noon, a making-of documentary that considers the impact that the Red Scare had on the film’s production. View Video

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WEST MILFORD. “Inside High Noon” is another collaboration of Richard Zampella and writer/director John Mulholland. Read Article


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